Free DOS games, and tips on where to find more of them.

Freebies for Boxer

If you’re finished with the sample demos that come with Boxer, here are 4 more free Boxer-ready games to try. These are in Mac-only .dmg archives, so only download them if you have a Mac.

Finding free games

Here are some good websites that offer freeware and shareware DOS games:

Replacementdocs carries good-quality PDF scans of game manuals, maps and other box material for a lot of DOS games.

These websites are not affiliated with Boxer. Please do not contact the makers of these websites for Boxer technical support.

Finding commercial games

Steam and Good Old Games rerelease many popular DOS games, along with their documentation.

You’ll need Windows to install games from these services, but after installation you can copy the games’ folders to your Mac and play them with Boxer too.

Try Ebay and other internet auction sites for out-of-print games. It’s possible to find CD rereleases—or even mint-condition boxes—of most popular games.

Let’s maintain the convenient fiction that you won’t just google “abandonware” and avail yourself of the many websites for pirated DOS games instead.

Makin’ them purty icons

Boxer can turn any images you like into gorgeous new icons for your gameboxes.

Game cover scans make great icons. You can download cover art for your games from Abandonia or Mobygames.

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