Release notes: what’s new in each version.

  1. Improvements:


  2. New features:

    Improvements to gameboxes and importing:

    Smarter input handling:

    More helpful help:

    Bugs squashed:

  3. Improvements to keyboard input:

    Improvements to the DOS prompt:


  4. Rendering fixes:

    Game compatibility fixes:

    Input fixes:

    Other fixes and tweaks:

  5. Roland MT-32 support:

    Easier CD-swapping for multi-CD games:

    Much more reliable importing from Good Old Games:

    A laundry-list of other improvements and bugfixes:

  6. Joystick improvements:

    Better disk handling:

    Fixes for 10.7 Lion:

    General fixes and tweaks:

  7. Joysticks, Baby!

    OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility:

    Other fixes and improvements:

  8. Improvements to game importing:

    Better PowerPC compatibility:

    Fixes to mouse and keyboard handling:

    Shoutouts to my MT-32 bros:

    Other nice things:

  9. Improvements to game importing and disk-image handling:

    Input fixes and tweaks:

    Other fixes:

  10. Yeah baby! I’m sick of release candidates, let’s roll!

    UI tweaks:

    General improvements and fixes:

  11. Shelf art a-go-go

    More help, vicar?

    Other improvements and fixes

  12. UI and behaviour improvements:

    Bugfixes and emulation tweaks:

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